Ben Slavic Workshop PSU Follow-Up Courses

CI 810:  Professional Reflection and Application


CI 810:  Comprehensible Input for Language Acquisition

In this follow-up to your workshop participation, work at your own pace to develop and implement new ideas based on your experiences at the workshop.  You will create resources, lessons, units, or activities tailored to your students’ needs.  Use your new understandings in your teaching and maximize the impact of your participation!

Professional Reflection and Application:  Using Ben’s books, spend time reading and studying/reflecting on the skills (You should spend approximately ten hours reading for one credit, twenty for two credits, and thirty for three credits).  Based on your workshop experiences and your reading, create three lesson plans/outlines per credit (i.e. three  for one credit, six for two credits, and nine for three credits).  Implement the lessons and reflect on their effectiveness.  Write a reflective essay (two pages double-spaced for one credit, four pages for two credits, and six pages for three).  For the three-credit class only, also plan a professional development opportunity for your colleagues to share your understandings in a professional setting, either in your school or in another professional setting such as a conference, training, or gathering of colleagues.

Comprehensible Input for Language Acquisition:  There are two options for this course:  Three credits and one credit.

For the three-credit option, spend thirty hours participating in an online PLC to learn and share ideas about Comprehensible Input and TPRS under the guidance of Ben Slavic.  Set a goal for your teaching or your students’ language acquisition, explore ideas and new approaches online in the PLC and on other TPRS/CI blogs, write nine plans or teacher-created resources (such as story ideas, embedded readings, assessment rubrics, parent communication, etc.) based on your learning.  Implement your ideas or resources and reflect on their effectiveness in meeting your goals in a three- to four-page double-spaced reflective essay.  Plan a professional development opportunity to share your learning in your real-life professional community, either at school or in other professional settings, such as conferences, trainings, or gatherings of colleagues.

For the one-credit option, set a goal for your teaching or your students, spend ten hours participating online, create three lessons or resources, implement them, and write a one- to two-page double-spaced reflective essay.

Cost:  $100 per course, plus $60 per credit
Summer Registration open until August 22.
Summer Assignments are due via email by Monday, September 12 at 8 PM.
Final grades are published online on Wednesday, September 14.

Fall Registration open until October 29.
Fall Assignments are due via email by Monday, December 12 at 8 PM.
Final grades are published online on Wednesday, December 14.


  1.  Register online:
    One credit Professional Reflection and Application:
    $100 course fee plus $60 for one PSU graduate quarter credit, $160 total cost
    Two credits Professional Reflection and Application:
    $100 course fee plus $120 for two PSU graduate quarter credits, $220 total cost
    Three credits Professional Reflection and Application:
    $100 course fee plus $180 for three PSU graduate quarter credits, $280 total cost

    Three credit Comprehensible Input for Language Acquisition:
    $100 course fee plus $60 for one PSU graduate quarter credit, $160 total cost
  2. Pay the $600 workshop fee through PayPal (if you have not already done so).
    (Note:  The PSU credit fee is billed later in the term, by PSU, through your Banweb account.)
  3.  Prepare for PSU registration:
    You can fill out your PSU paperwork at the workshop or via email.
    Prior to registration, you will need your PSU student ID number.
    If you have attended PSU at any time in the past, your student ID will be the same number you used in the past.  If you do not remember your ID number, please contact PSU.  Contact information can be found by clicking here.
    If you have never attended PSU in the past, you will need to obtain a PSU student ID number.  This number can be used for any PSU professional development course in the future.  The one-time application cost is $25.  Please click here and scroll down to “Continuing Education Applicant” to apply for your PSU student ID.  You will need to complete this step prior to registration.
  4. Receive your registration form, syllabus, and instructions.  You will receive your PSU registration form, syllabus, and course instructions via email.  You can also choose to fill out the registration form onsite at the workshop.
  5. Attend the workshop, grow a lot, and complete the follow-up assignments at your own pace.  Please feel free to email the instructor, Tina Hargaden, at any time.  Email tina (at) literacyeducationservices (dot) com.
  6. Submit your assignments by 8 PM on Monday, September 14 or Monday, December 14.  Assignments are submitted via email.  We follow a “success-oriented” policy on grading your work.  In the unlikely case that your assignments do not meet the criteria in the syllabus and instructions, you will receive an email from the instructor with instructions on how to modify your work to meet the course requirements.  Our goal is to help you earn an A!  Unsatisfactory work will be assigned a grade of “M” (missing grade) until it satisfies course requirements.  If an extension is needed, please contact the instructor to work out a completion plan.  Email tina (at) literacyeducationservices (dot) com.
  7. Print your unofficial transcript or order your official transcript through Banweb on Wednesday, September 16 or Wednesday, December 16.
    (Note:  Many districts accept unofficial transcripts for salary advancement purposes;  check with your HR department for information.)

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