CI in the Mitten Pre-Conference Workshop – April 21, 2017 Saline, Michigan

Pre-Conference Workshop with Tina Hargaden:  CI Without Stress

Story Listening (3).png

I look forward to supporting you in starting or advancing your Comprehensible Input practice!

Learn through Demonstration and Participation:

How to use Story Listening (developed by Dr. Beniko Mason Nanki) to easily provide large doses of Pure Comprehensible Input while also teaching culture, history, geography, and transmitting positive values to your students.
How to make yourself comprehensible to your students, using visual aids, intonation, facial expression, body language, TPR, and pacing.
How to create class texts to provide follow-up literacy work.
How to use class-created texts (or other texts such as novels) to provide massive input through
21 Reading Options (developed by Ben Slavic).

The cost per participant is $75.00  CLICK HERE TO PAY VIA PAYPAL.
Student teacher discounted registration is $25.00, limited to two participants.
Please email tinahargaden (at) gmail (dot) com to
request a student teacher application.

Registration is limited to 20 people.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Portland State University graduate credit is available as one or two follow-up courses.  Registration deadline for the follow-up course is May 1 for Spring term and July 1 for Summer term, and assignments are due on June 5 for Spring term or September 5 for Summer term.  You will register for the PSU credits on-site at the workshop.
Credits cost $280 for three graduate quarter credits and generally can only be used towards licensure and salary advancement, not a master’s degree.

Please email tinahargaden (at) gmail (dot) com if you need to brainstorm ways to approach your school or district to fund your participation.  I am committed to helping YOU attend and GROW!