Comprehensible Input for Language Acquisition

Welcome!  I am excited to join you on your professional development journey and assist you in completing graduate credits.  There are a few pieces of paperwork to complete in order to get you registered.


The fee breakdown for the three-credit option is this:

$  4.99       PLC membership for one month
$ 27.00     One-time PSU registration fee
(You will not pay this fee again if you repeat the course for additional credit.)
$100.00   Course fee
$180.00   Graduate credit fee
$311.99     Total cost       (The total cost for the one-credit option is $191.99.)

How to complete registration for this course:


1.  Fill out the class registration form here.  It takes about a minute and a half to provide some basic contact information.

2.  Pay the course fee by clicking here.  You will be directed to PayPal to pay the course fee.  It is $100 for both the one-credit and three-credit option.

3.  You will receive an email with the course syllabus and information on how to register for Portland State University’s Continuing Education program.

4.  If you are not already a member, join Ben Slavic’s PLC.  It is $4.99 a month.  You will need access to the PLC during your coursework.

5.  You will receive a bill from Portland State in a week or two for the graduate credit fees ($60 for one credit or $180 for three).

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