Starting the Year with CI and Cycles of Instruction and Assessment – Tina Hargaden and Ben Slavic

Starting the Year with CI and Cycles of Instruction and Assessment

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Tina Hargaden has taught middle and high school French, Spanish, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Reading since 2006, and university-level French for three years prior to that.  She has served as Curriculum Leader, Team Leader, Union President, and as a trainer.  With an endorsement in ESOL and an extensive background in literacy instruction, including Reading and Writing Workshop and Project GLAD strategies, Tina brings a wealth of strategies for proficiency-based instruction and assessment that align with ACTFL and Common Core standards.  She will share strategies and ideas for delivering comprehension-based instruction and standards-based assessments that build students’ confidence and measure the proficiencies they are ready to tackle, and grading tools that cut planning and grading time dramatically.  This is the first tie this workshop has been offered.  Take a peek into Tina’s classroom and learn some easy-to-use tools that keep her very exigent administrators and families happy, and her students loving class and feeling proud of themselves!
Tina’s motto is “Planning Time is for Coffee Not Stacks of Papers!” and she hates waiting in line at the copier.

Ben Slavic is a French teacher who has taught in many diverse contexts during his 38 years in the classroom, from AP French in South Carolina to inner-city Denver to a private school in India.  Ben has published six books on teaching world languages using comprehensible input, including The Big CI Book and A Natural Approach to Stories, available on our website, trained thousands of teachers, and mentored hundreds in his private PLC.  Ben is a passionate and outspoken activist, challenging us to bring more of the heart quality into children’s school experiences.  He is a tireles innovator with a passion for students’ emotional safety, self-expression, and happiness.  Ben has invented so many instructional strategies that make teaching languages a joyful, creative, community- and confidence-building experience for kids and teachers.  He will demonstrate techniques to engage students in copious amounts of comprehensible input that puts their ideas first and guides adolescents and even adults to reconnect with a sense of childhood play and imagination.  He will show how to use student-generated artwork to ramp up the quality of CI as well as student interest.
Ben’s motto is “No Planning is the Best Planning” and he loves the sense of flow that happens when we put student creativity in the driver’s seat.

August 3-4, 2017  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Join us for dinner August 3 from 5:30 to whenever –
Talk CI and get to know your colleagues!

Workshop Location: Sheffield Village Community Room

4340 Colorado Avenue, Sheffield Village, OH 44054

*  Starting the Year – Learn activities that allow you to speak slowly and comprehensibly from Day One, build community, and train the class in routines and behaviors that support lots of CI.

*  Cycles of Instruction– Learn how to organize the period, week, month, and term to support listening, reading, and writing proficiency, which leads to speaking proficiency.

*  Foundational CI Skills – Learn to use your body, voice, visual aids, and L1 to make your speech comprehensible no matter what CI delivery method you choose.

*  Straight Up Storytelling – Learn to use traditional tales, folktales, nonfiction passages, and stories to provide pure comprehensible input to your students in a low-stress environment.

*  One Word Images – Learn a simple method for building unique and creative characters with your classes.  These characters may be used to launch stories or as a stand-alone activity.

*  Stories with the Invisibles – Learn how to create engaging stories with characters that your students create.

*  Working with Scripts – Learn how to use story scripts to co-create stories with your students.

*  Write and Discuss and Reading Options – Learn how to create texts with your classes that are engaging and easy to understand, because they come from the class’ experience.  Learn 20 Reading Options to provide excellent follow-up literacy work.

*  Assessment without Judgement – Learn how to assess your students in a way that builds up their self-concept and guides them to develop as listeners, readers, and writers.

Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change):

Day One:  9 AM to 4:00 PM

Very Quick Demos of Beginning the Year Strategies:  Calendar Discussions, Using Questionnaires, TPR, Questioning with Cards, Straight Up Storytelling, One Word Images, Write and Discuss, Reading Options
Setting up Student Jobs
Classroom Rules
Debrief on Skills to Support the Input and Establish Classroom Management
Orienting Students to The Comprehension-Based Classroom
Planning Cycles of Instruction and 
ACTFL- and CCSS-Aligned Rubrics and Ideas on How to Use Them
Using Portfolios
Parent Conferences
Typical Proficiency Targets
Building Students’ Confidence

Day Two:  9 AM to 5:00 PM 

Very Quick Demos of a Story with character we created using OWI, a Scripted Story, and a Visual Mini-Lecture
More on Setting up Student Jobs
Debrief on Skills to Support the Input
Trajectory of the First Two Years – Six-Week Cycles to Build/Assess Proficiency
How to Do Freewrites
How to Set Up, Introduce, Assess, Grade SSR
Final Exams
Working with Traditional Colleagues/Common Assessments
Sailing the Seven Cs – Curriculum, Colleagues, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, Communication, Communities


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