Spanish Language, Culture, and Pedagogy

July 11-25, 2016
Zamora, Spain

Join us this summer in Zamora, Spain!

Connect with the heart of Spanish culture! This course explores the wind-swept plains and cities of the historic Castilla y León region.  Our home base will be the city of Zamora, the most Romanesque city in Europe. The rocky outcropping that Zamora is built on, along the banks of the river Duero, has been strategically important since prehistoric times.


  • Investigate the prehistoric culture of the Iberian Peninsula
  • Follow the traces left by the earliest Spaniards– the Iberians and the Celts.
  • Travel throughout Castilla y León to visit Celtic dolmens, Roman aqueducts, Visigoth villages, Gothic cathedrals and medieval castles.
  • Explore present-day Spain, through its foods, its festivals, its sports, its traditional events and its people.
  • Participate in a homestay & professional conversations with Spanish educators.
  • Improve your Spanish through daily language classes.

The cost per participant is $1298.00.
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PSU credit is available as one or two follow-up courses.  Registration deadline for the follow-up courses is June 30.
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