What people say about our teaching . . .

Here are a few unedited comments about our teaching . . .

“I want to thank you again for such an awesome class.  I am truly grateful for this class and I’m already enjoying implementing it with my kiddos!  You are wonderful!”


“I have been implementing the writing workshop with my advanced language arts classes and they are eating it up! I can’t wait for my student teacher to be done so that I can take over my other classes and start it there too! I feel like this has revolutionized the way that I teach.”


“Take care and again thanks for the class it was awesome. Please let me know if you’re ever teaching any other writing classes through P.S.U. or any other universities. I would love to take another.”



“Totally loved the class – thanks so much for your continued presence and expertise!  You are truly top-notch in my book.”


“I was very inspired by the work we did in class and I’m hoping others were, too.”


“I really enjoyed the class and look forward to being able to start fresh after Spring Break.”


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